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 How Does Our Coaching Work?


Our Focus
Our focus is YOU and to set you on the path that will lead to the desired success.

You will need to be well rested, open, willing, and adequately hydrated to work on your goals between our coaching sessions, which will be scheduled at regular intervals, in person or over the phone. During our sessions, we may explore areas that may not initially seem connected, but which may help us both learn about you, your motivations, your values and any influencing aspects of your life. You will always have the control and choice about sharing your personal space.

We will encourage each other to have fun as we go! If you cannot wait to share a success, need advice or have a problem – a quick phone call or email between sessions is welcome.
Our Experience Together
We will expect the best from each other.  We are here to support, guide, listen, push for excellence and give feedback. You are here to be involved, stay focused, speak your mind and push for excellence.

Our sessions may include a combination of tools and techniques derived from professional coaching, known self-help methods, and/or the newly emerging energy psychology practices. These approaches work with the human energy system and are understood to effect the body/mind interconnection, and many of these methods are derived from actual clinical psychology experience and refined by the various scientific studies.

Guidelines of interest…

  1. Reactions may surface during a session which we cannot fully anticipate, including strong emotional or physical sensations, or additional unresolved memories.
  2. Emotional reactions may continue to surface after a session and give indications of other incidents that may need to be referred to other professionals.
  3. Previously vivid, emotionally-charged memories may fade. This could impact your ability to provide detailed accounts in the future (i.e., legal testimony) regarding the specific incident of the past.
  4. Techniques demonstrated by your coach can be used frequently outside of each session in your self-care program.
  5. The effectiveness of these techniques is enhanced when the body is adequately hydrated and rested.

Certain information of a confidential nature may be shared between us during our communications (conversations, emails, faxes, etc.), and we will both agree not to use this information at any time (directly or indirectly) for our gain/benefit outside of the coaching relationship, nor disclose this information to anyone without specific consent.

Our Commitment
Should the need for counseling or therapy be identified, our commitment is to support you in developing a plan for you to seek those services from an appropriate, licensed professional. You retain the ownership and choice to engage or not to engage in additional professional services, at any time.

To Download Our Consent Form, please click "here".


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