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Offering for Individuals
Coaching for Energy Alignment – Each session is private, confidential, and focused on your needs. A face-to-face coaching session is typically 90 minutes, which allows for concerted discussions that generate clarity around your goals, desires and authentic aspirations. The energy techniques are deployed when barriers beyond rational thinking are encountered. This fosters a true alignment of your Mind, Body and Energy systems. Typically, sessions are held with routine frequency over a few months. And when we are done, we are done.     

Both parties acknowledge that a coaching relationship is in no way to be considered or construed as psychological counseling or any type of therapy. Should the need for counseling or therapy be identified, the coach will support you in developing a plan for you to seek those services from an appropriate, licensed professional. You retain the ownership and choice to engage or not to engage in additional professional services, at any time.

How Does Our Coaching Work?

Fees: $200 per hour. Our offices are located in Toronto. 



Offerings for Organizations
Team Connectics©
In the past, we knew as team leaders that if we told the organization enough times and measured/incentivized people enough while sharing inspiring ‘walk around’ moments, we could manufacture a High Performing Team. The world and teams have moved on from that. Not only don’t we sit together, we most likely have never met in person with half of the people we interact.

The potential of any work group or team now depends on its members having an aligned purpose, clear personal autonomy, and the opportunity to see how each can contribute their mastery towards having an impact. Today, it is all about connection, social networks and shared communities.  Today’s High Performing Teams not only need each member aligned with the goals of the group, they also must connect and interact at a harmonious energetic level.

Team Connectics© is typically a two-day experience where the insights of the human energy system are merged with insights of operating in virtual teams, and are put into clear, practical team objectives.  We call it an ‘experience’ for its valuable learning, linked with tools for the kinds of personal transformation needed by each participant to further align and personally engage with the expectations of the group.

A typical Team Connectics© experience would have the following components:

  • Prior to the event, each member completes the assessments and meets 1:1 with a qualified coach for a confidential development session
  • Group introspection and assessment of the previous and future demands of the team
  • Clear articulation of the talents and skills that each person on the team possesses
  • Sharing of behavioural profiles that help the team form, and value the contribution of others
  • Candid moments with the leader to nail down the purpose and expectations being placed on the team
  • Clear agreement of the purpose and contribution the team needs to make to have an impact
  • Techniques to manage and reduce stress (which may be caused by the group dynamics and interactions)
  • Personal reflection by each person to enhance the alignment of their Mind, Body and Energy system to best support themselves and the team
  • Team action plan to move forward and maintain momentum, including behavioural and emotional skills required of the group, and expectations
Fees: $3500 per day plus $825 per person for assessments and personal coaching sessions.

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