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 Merging Coaching & Energy Psychology


When Energy Psychology approaches are taken out of a clinical and purely therapeutic context and then merged with the power of coaching, the possibilities for personal transformation are endless.

We all seek it. We all want it. To be inspired!

We wake up in the morning grateful for a new day, jump out of bed, full of energy and excited to get started. We go to bed at night, not exhausted, but exhilarated with the knowledge we gave it our all and made a difference.  Had many days like that lately? Didn’t think so.  Sure, we hear about those folks that have it all together. You know the ones...they watched the movie "The Secret" or listened to tapes by the self-help geniuses, likeDr. Wayne Dyer AND then presto/chango...instant transformation! It seemed to work for them. Most of us...not so much.  That’s are in the right place. Let’s have a quick look at the situation.

We are pretty familiar with relationships between two people and how much work it can take to keep things running smoothly. Now consider a threesome...happening inside little old you. In fact, that’s the reality.  Our Body, Mind and Spirit are the players.  In order to experience inspired days, all three must be in balance; playing nicely, so to speak.

Let’s consider each of these elements.  First, there’s the Body.  This one is pretty obvious. It’s the tangible we feed, nourish and sometimes worship.  The Mind is our thought engine, producing a constant train of thoughts; observations, advice, criticisms, warnings and judgements. These thoughts are very powerful contributors to who you are and how you feel and behave. Last, but definitely not least, is the Spirit. Spirit connects Mind and Body, as well as imparting the essence of your True Self.  In a corporate world, the Spirit might be called a culture, legacy or traditions (a company’s culture connects and aligns its employees to the products or services they sell).

Our term for ‘Spirit’ is invisible network of streams and reservoirs throughout our bodies, connecting all our cells, emotions, mind and dreams.  Many of the ancient eastern spiritual practices are based on this Energy network. Its existence has been accepted for many centuries. What is more recent is the discovery of more and more effective ways to impact the Energy system, bringing it back into balance.  A simple illustration that we are Energy: When we feel a need to be “grounded” (“grounded” is an electrical term meaning a “conducting body with zero charge”), it is because our emotions, our thoughts, or our bodies are wound up or over-charged, out of balance with the other two players. We want to calm down, get centred and become realigned with our True Selves again. 

Do you want to be realigned with your True Self again?  This is what Enable My Energy does. We help the three of you align and get along again so you can make a bigger impact (and have more fun while you’re at it). Our specialty lies in helping you find balance using innovative energy techniques that have been shown to help manage stressful life events.  We combine excellent coaching with proven self-help techniques, and a variety of tools from the new and rapidly expanding field of energy psychology.

A Word About Coaching - Coaching is a partnership in which we journey together through a thoughtful, creative that brings clarity and vision to your goals and dreams, and inspires you to become your personal and professional best.  This coaching relationship is a perfect complement to the energy work needed to align your thoughts, emotions and inner knowing. We establish clear goals and desires with coaching, and use the energy techniques to remove all the energetic and emotional barriers that might prevent successful attainment of what you really want.

Merv Rogers, MCC
President of CareerDestiny Corp., and Founder of EnableMyEnergy
Master Certified Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner

Member of:  the International Coach Federation, the Dynamic Energetic Healing® Practices, and the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology

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