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The State of Energy Psychology Research
While many important Energy Psychology (EP) research questions remain to be answered, a great deal of groundwork is already in place.  EP modalities have been researched in more than seven countries, by more than 50 investigators, whose results have been published in more than 15 different peer-reviewed journals, including top-tier journals such as Journal of Clinical Psychology and the APA journals Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training and Review of General Psychology. 

EP research includes investigators affiliated with many different institutions. In the United States, these institutions include Harvard Medical School, the University of California at Berkeley, City University of New York, Walter Reed Army Medical Center (USUHS), and Texas A&M University. Institutions in other countries, whose faculty have contributed to EP research, include Lund University (Sweden), Ankara University (Turkey), Santo Tomas University (Philippines), Lister Hospital (England), Cesar Vallejo University (Peru), and Griffith University (Australia).

The wide variety of institutions, peer-reviewed journals, investigators, and settings that have, in independent research, found EP modalities to be efficacious, are one indication of the breadth of existing research results. The next frontier of EP research includes replication of the studies that have not yet been replicated, and investigations into the physiological changes that occur during EP modalities, using such tools as DNA microarrays (gene chips), MEGs (magnetoencephalograms), fMRIs, and neurotransmitter and hormone assays.

Source: Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

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