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The First Coaching Tip of 2019

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The First Coaching Tip of 2018

Was this true for you? The endings? For many, 2017 saw the completion of things; jobs, relationships, living situations, contracts, …. Not in the abrupt, surprising or dramatic way, but in a subtle, natural ending way. They had run their course.

The numerologists will say 2018 (a Two-Year) marks the beginning of new directions. Are you ready?

Beginnings and new directions often churn up a classic human response – Hold on to everything until I figure where I am going!! Meaning no new direction for you under the tree next Christmas.

This year I request, even mildly implore you to respond differently. To shift from using handcuffs of “having to know”, or “needing to understand”, or “needing to be sure” to another trait you already have. Is it not true that you make thousands of decisions a day? Some without even thinking? Use this trait of being and responding in the moment as your default response. Anoint yourself with the courage to discover new paths, to course correct and be wrong sometimes. If one decision didn’t work, then just make another one – you always do.

So, in a very odd message your Coach is requesting you to set your direction blindly this year. Drop trying to figure out what you want to do once you grow up, and just start growing in whatever direction is presenting. YUP, that takes courage. It also takes being alive in the moment so you see and take advantage of a presenting opportunity.

At the end of this year you will be fine. You always are. Name one year that on January 1st you figured out what the end looks like – NEVER. But name one year where you navigated through your options, made choices, course corrected, tried again and still did very well – EVERY YEAR.

Notice the shift for 2018? Shift from seeking “THEeee” opportunity to seeking “A” opportunity.

Your mantra for 2018 becomes: “If I HOLD out for “THEe” there is nothing under the tree. Go for the “A”and you will be OK!”


The First Coaching Tip of 2017

Numerologists say 2017 decodes down to the number 1. (2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1)

A ‘1’ Year represents the start of a fresh new cycle – a new 9 year cycle of creativity, learning and growth.
The “New Year” is a normal time to set goals, intentions and resolutions for things we want to accomplish in the year ahead.

My challenge to you is don’t stop there.
Don’t stop at the tangible short term, start your next 9 years with something that is longer lasting, something that will have much more impact.

  • What personal behaviour, characteristic, belief or way of thinking is no longer serving you well? What way of being or acting do you want to leave behind in 2016?
  • Ask yourself: What part of my current emotional make-up, my typical way to respond to myself or to the world around me that if changed would fundamentally enhance my life over the next 9 years?

With that now, go forth and change the aspect of you that might feel impossible to change, but when changed, will fundamentally change “YOU” for the better.

Create a 9 year cycle you will be proud of in 2026.

Cheers to 2017 and BEYOND!


Coaching Tip #2015 -- Emotion in Action

Welcome to a brand new year and your annual coaching tip.

It is very possible that in 2015 what we knew to be true last year will transform, shift or even cease to exist. Are you ready for that?

How do you feel about it? Notice I didn’t ask what you “think” about it!

This is the year of Emotion in Action. The world will still seem like it is changing around you … but in truth the change will be “inside” you. With your inner changes you will be attracting new things into your view this year. You might say you have been doing this for some time and you are right. We started to prepare for this in 2013 when we elected to answer: “What do you want to be absolutely clear about and intently focused on this year?” In 2014 we were invited to “Play the Game of Sevens”- Imagine that everything you were ever told is now not actually true? This year, go back to rethink, to re-feel, to re-know our truth now.

2015 will amplify what is inside you and play it out faster and more profoundly in your day to day situations. It’s the law of attraction on steroids. Law of Attraction says what you think and feel comes to you - like attracts like. Top sales folks know about and use this law extremely well. They think-feel like they have exceeded their sales targets every day and sure enough by year end they always do. Athletes imagine crossing the finish line first and so they do. Mind over matter we used to declare.

The law doesn’t change but does come with one very significant twist in 2015. It will be our emotions that will be doing all the attracting. The days of thinking and envisioning the future have ended. It will be our emotions, our loves and our fears that will have the power to attract things more rapidly than ever. What you are thinking will help, but what you are feeling (positive or contrary) will be exactly what will show up around you. If you are not feeling happy about yourself, wait for it … situations and circumstances will start showing up to support you to feel even worse about yourself. How fun will that be?? How you feel now rules what you will experience.

Try it out …. Pause right now. Get in touch with what you are truly feeling. (not thinking, and not “I think I feel”… but really feeling inside – find the emotions and sensations deep inside of your body. )Then in the next three hours keep track how many situations (emails, phone calls, conversations, etc.) show up to generate more of these same feelings over and over again. You may just find you start feeling these feelings even more profoundly and deeper than before you started this test.

We used to say “Thoughts are Things” … well in 2015 … “FEELINGS ARE KING”. They rule.

Want to have the most fantastic year? Put away the vison board, slide the goal sheets into the drawer and commit yourself to feel everything you are feeling in every moment.
  • Step 1. Be honest with your feelings. If you are angry, admit you are angry, deeply feel it and welcome it. If you are sad ... Be Sad, it won’t last long. Get them over with as quickly as they show up. WARNING: Leave them inside by not fully feeling them, like we have been trained to do all these years, and they will definitely get louder and keep attracting more and more of what you don’t want.
  • Step 2. Then work hard to generate the feelings you want to feel in the future. Create opportunities to feel and appreciate what you have vs. what you don’t have. Feel your way to your goals this year.

There are two fundamental emotions: Love and Fear. Every other emotion or sensation is a combination or degree of these two extremes. 2015 will be asking you to, well frankly will be begging you to “Feel your Fears and Live your Loves”.

2015, the year that your emotions are doing the driving. Thinking is so last year.

You now have all you need to make this an exception year. Can’t you just feel it?

Emotions ARE Action!


Coaching Tip For 2014 - This is a year of "sevens"
Change Your Thoughts

Welcome to a brand new year. Mathematically 2014 adds up to 7. This is a year of "sevens".

The number 7 is the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth (notice the capital "T"). The 7 doesn't take anything at face value -- it is always trying to understand the underlying, hidden truths. The 7 knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions.

In 2014, I encourage you to play the Game of 7’s. Here is the game. Imagine that everything you were ever told is now not actually true? It’s a fun little game about reintroducing yourself to your "new" Truth. Not the "WAS" true, but the "IS" true for you right now, in this time, in this place where you now find yourself today.

The game becomes fun, when you start testing, tasting and tantalizing everything around you. Be curious. Discover your world as it really exists right now. Here is a starter set of questions to ponder:

  • Is that competitor really wrong in how they operate?
  • Am I really fulfilled anymore by working late?
  • Do I surround myself with people that nurture me or drain me?
  • Is a good life balance really that impossible or I am too afraid to take charge and make it happen?
  • Is this who I really want to be in this relationship?
  • Do my fears really have to be there anymore?
  • Do my rules move me forward in the direction I want or hold me where I was?
  • Am I being the barrier to what I really want?

By the way, you have played this game before. Do you remember a time when you said you would "never" do that 'thing' and now you are doing it? That's just like the Game of 7's. You challenged an earlier set belief about the 'thing' and proved it no longer valid. Just as quickly you chose a different belief to move forward with. That's really the game I am as asking you to play. The game of REAL LIFE NOW.

Why the game works: All that you know right now was really built up over time. You learned from others, read it or just invented it. Don't criticize it, it worked exceptionally well for you then. Then something happened. Time marched on. As the times change and situations, relationships and interests change, most of us never go back to rethink, to re-feel, to re-know our truth now.

Find the truth within you now. Right now. Be open to modifying it or validating it. Just be open to play the game and show up. Make the decision to be in the moment and love everything you do and if you find you no longer love it, just stop doing it. SERIOUSLY EVERYTHING!!

Just so you know what you are shooting for; the winner of this game gets to add boundless amounts of happiness, love, true abundance and opportunity into their life. Those that do not complete the game first time, invite in boundless amounts of drama, conflict, stress, same-old-same-old and more difficulties into their life. Plus they will be invited to play the game over and over and … well you get it.

This is a game you want to win and the cool part is there's no limit on the number of players and no maximum number of winners.

Be a "7" this year. Seek, think, search, ponder and delight in the return.

A Mantra for 2014 and the Game of 7’s was popularized by Wayne Dyer, but its origins are really from Quantum Physics. "When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change."

Now it is up to you. Let the games begin.


Coaching Tip For 2013 - What words do you have for 2013?
Be Present graphic

My last flight in 2012 allowed me to reconnect with a friend while we were both waiting to board the plane in Amsterdam. In our conversation, Megan reminded me of her annual practice to pick one or two words every year that really resonated with her and live those words all year long.   It prompted me to wonder what my two words were.

Later, on that same flight back a flight attendant and I found ourselves in a discussion about goals and how having clarity and focus can actually manifest what you want. A leadership principle Drucker and others have told us for years. “measure what you want”. Except that principle falls short as it doesn’t teach you how to be consistently focused and truly clear to allow that which we want to appear.  I happen to share this rather intellectual nugget smugly thinking I had won the conversation with my learned ways. Her response told me otherwise.  She says it is simple for her. She just picks two words at the beginning of every year and then everyday aligns her actions to those words.  She went on to say because last year’s words were Acquire and Expand she was able to capitalize on inheriting her family home to do several property deals that this year will fund her next two words: Partnership and Return as she looks for others to partner in the larger deals with higher return.  When asked about 2014, she said one of her words be Retire.  Now that is focus and clarity!

How about you?  What are your two words for 2013? What do you want to be absolutely clear about and intently focused on?

Create a great Day - One you will be proud of tomorrow


Coaching Tip For 2012 - Shift from Control to Being In Charge
Be Present graphic

Ponder this:  We often speak of the need for Control. Wanting it for ourselves and rejecting it when thrust upon us from others.

What if it wasn’t about control at all? 

What if? … the need we speak of is really a need to be “In Charge”. 

Imagine 2012 where is not about being “In Control” but in fact about being “In Charge”? 

  • In Charge of how you feel. 
  • In Charge of how you think.  
  • In Charge of how you feel about and respond to the actions of others.  
  • In Charge to create the year YOU want.

“In Control” by definition limits you to the resources you already have and it implies a need to “manage” your 2012. It keeps us small.

“In Charge” widens your scope and influence. Allows you to consciously select from the resources you now have and actively attract the resources you now need. That implies “leading” your 2012. It keeps you open, flexible, nimble and ready.

“Being In Charge” gives you an endless combination of options that “Being In Control” can never allow you to have.

2012 = Your year to “BE” in charge. Your year to consciously select options that are in your highest good.

It’s your year!  YOU ARE IN CHARGE!

Yee Haw, giddy-up


Being Present
Be Present graphic

So, why be present? Why be in the “Now”? People might answer...“I want to feel more”, “I don’t ‘feel grounded’”, “I am in my head too much”, “My head hurts; it’s always active”, “I want to slow down, relax and really value this moment”, “I want to enjoy life, but I can’t”.

Ok, if I am not present, where am I? Generally speaking, we are wherever our thoughts have taken us... either thinking (probably worrying) about some time in the imagined future or reliving a time in the near or distant past.   Some of us will repeatedly go over past events, rehashing them again and again. We keep reprocessing what happened, what we should have said or done differently, as if doing so could actually change the outcome.  Whether we are worrying about a future that might never happen or reliving times gone by, we are not active in the present.  Unfortunately, the longer we stay in the past or the future, the more solidly those memories and patterns are stored in our cells as energy data.  We know this because whenever we recount one of the stored patterns, the exact emotion that was alive at the time becomes immediately alive in the present.   A remembered smell or piece of music can make these patterns flood back as if we were there.  Everything in the present moment is affected; from our mood to our decision-making and communication skills. Our “real, in the moment, life experience” is coloured with the emotions and memories from the past or anticipated future.

How do we know this? Take the test.  Stand in front of a mirror. Think of the saddest, most terrible moment of your life. Watch your face and your body slump down into the same position as when that event happened. Now hold that past thought and try to smile.  It is virtually impossible to be happy in the present moment while you are being sad in the past.  

This valued state of being present can often elude even our best efforts. To make matters worse, even when we are present and alive in the moment, we often sabotage ourselves with the subtle but persistent voices in our heads that criticize and judge both ourselves and others.  Being really present allows us to store the memories of the current moment with the pure emotion and true context of that moment.  Our reality is no longer skewed by old or invented energy patterns.  Now we can live authentically. We can be our True Selves. 

So, are we there yet? Have we achieved enlightenment, bliss or even plain old happiness? No, not quite. Once we master being in the moment, we need to look at where we are in relation to that moment. In other words, we want to ask ourselves, “From where am I experiencing (taking energy in) this situation? Am I a bystander, looking in on myself, metaphorically watching myself on TV? Maybe my experience of the situation comes from my head. Am I thinking and processing all the data, drawing connections to other thoughts and being aware of how I am acting or ‘should’ act?  “And the winner is...” Am I centred in myself, truly connected to the moment with my feelings and interacting from the most integral and peaceful place I can imagine? (Think heart.)

Being present is the perfect tool to bring your Mind, Body and Energy into balance. It allows you to focus on living from your heart, ensuring that you get the absolute best out of every situation and moment.  Once you master alignment, Being in your heart will transform you in ways you can only imagine.

Set the intention:  I am present, out of my head and in my heart.


Personal Board of Directors

4 people holding pieces to the puzzleLet’s talk about the voices in your head.  There’s one right now, asking “what voices?”

The voices in your head are great because they serve to guide you. They warn you of danger, tell you how you’re feeling and remind you of your values, goals and dreams.  Oh yeah...they also want to be sure you’re aware of all your fears, along with your flaws, weaknesses and all around low opinion of yourself.  These voices have been created by significant events or people in your past. Sometimes you can even name the person who gave you a particular voice. (Hi mom!) There’s nothing wrong with these voices, provided they say their piece and then back away. Funny thing though, if you try to avoid, ignore or otherwise suppress the noisy crew, they just get louder...and louder!  There are times when they act like a bunch of five year olds in the grocery store wanting candy. No amount of reasoning or intellectual prowess can silence them. 

Here’s a tip. Make each voice a member of your Personal Board of Directors. Imagine them all sitting around a large boardroom table. When a situation arises, allow each of them to speak...your mom, your uncle, the boss you admired, even the boss or teacher who didn’t like you and the rotten little five year old that lurks around inside you. Let them all speak, with one condition. Each voice gets one vote (one chance to speak). After taking all of their input into consideration, you have the final say. When that mean Mrs. Jones, your grade four teacher from 20 years ago, pipes up with “Ah, you‘ll never amount to anything”, you can thank her for her opinion and then choose to do what is right and aligned with who you really are. Remember, as Chairman of the Board, you can fire them at any time.

The voices have been generated by your Cellular Memory (energy data stored in your cells from times gone by).  We can fire them using energy techniques and coaching. As quickly as they were created, they can be ousted. Say good-bye, Mrs. Jones!

Isn’t it time to revamp your Personal Board of Directors? Design yourself a more effective team, one that has all the voices on your side.  It’s time to give out some pink slips and figure out where promotions are in order.  This is going to be fun!


Creating MY Reality

slow motion image of bullets flying towards manWould you be open to considering that each of us creates our own reality? 

The little story below illustrates how our choices really do create our reality.  See if you can relate.

Picture this: You are merrily driving down a familiar road, almost on autopilot, when you are rudely yanked back to reality. The vehicle ahead of you suddenly slows down and meanders around a turn signal, no warning at all!  How hard is it to use a turn signal? It wouldn’t normally bother you, but today, well today is different. You are enraged! Your quiet moment on autopilot has been shattered by an inconsiderate and frankly, incompetent driver!!  How do people like that get a license? You always signal your turns.

Now you are in a rush. You quickly pull into a parking spot, slam your car into park and focus your attention on getting to your appointment.  In your hurry, you probably don’t notice that your parking job makes it nearly impossible for a passenger in the next car to open their door. You rush into the building and straight up to the receptionist to announce your arrival. You notice she is speaking on the phone, but you expect to have her immediate attention.  After all, you are here in person and you are late for your appointment. Your meeting goes ok; some items need a follow-up so you again approach the receptionist to set up a second meeting for next week. Nothing seems to be available and the normally helpful receptionist is not prepared to rearrange other meetings to make room for you.  As you walk out to the parking lot, you see a red paint scrape on your car door. The red car that was beside you has left a reminder of your poor parking job.

I wonder what your reality might have been if you had not chosen to get angry at the driver making the slow turn?  Of course, there’s no way to say for sure, but I’m guessing your day would have gone much more smoothly.

Now, think about your choices today.  Are they creating a reality that serves you OR are there one or two that are creating stress and frustration you don’t need in your life...your reality? 

Think about it. have the power to create your reality. What an incredible opportunity!  What kind of reality do you want to create?


Cellular Memory – Where we hold our memories

microscopic image of cellsFrom the moment we wake until we tuck in for the night, almost everything we do and how we do it reflects learned patterns that are stored in our cells...our “cellular memory”. Most of these patterns are not toxic enough to actually cause disease, but many of them are expressed as maladaptive or unhealthy behaviours, especially when information has been stored from traumatic experiences.

Research has shown the existence of memories in cells independent of and separate from the brain. Our elegant energy system ensures that data is stored throughout our bodies. In other studies, it has been concluded that the only way for interventions to have lasting results is to discover and release the traumatically caused cellular memory patterns that are causing problems in the present.

The release of harmful cellular patterns has been termed “Bio-Energy Medicine.” The original stress is most easily identified if the mind can be quieted, cleared of thoughts. This facilitates release of the negative pattern at the cellular level. This approach has been shown to be particularly helpful in the management of depression.

Sourced from the Cellular Information Technology blog.  Thursday  February 21, 2008.



Coaching Tip For 2011 - Create a year you will be proud of 12 months from now.
Be Present graphic


Ponder this: If you set out to be proud of every single moment you create in 2011. Then really, New Year’s Resolutions, targets, goals and even your highest hopes and all those “HOWs” are merely a logical result and not the true focus after all.  It would take a strong belief to be so authentic in every moment. Maybe just as strong as the belief I have in YOU and your willingness to do this.

2011 – The year to create!

Ohh this moment felt really good. Be proud!





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